Lucy and Darren Engagement Shoot

Welcome to my first attempt at a Blog. As I am hoping to explore my photography and my work a little further I thought this may be a good area to throw myself into. It could take a while to find my feet with this, but I am just going to go with it.

I have always loved Rufford Abbey and being able to share this amazing location with Lucy and Darren for their Engagement Shoot was a pleasure. Getting to know this lovely couple over the last year and discussing their wedding I knew they would be great fun to shoot. It has been nice to be 'reacquainted' with Lucy as we actually went to school together, and12 years has disappeared very quickly!

Their Wedding is not too far away and I am looking forward to capturing this couples Big Day. Although it was fairly busy at Rufford as the weather was near perfect conditions, both Lucy and Darren were so relaxed, happy and excited. They dived straight into their shoot as if they were the only people there. A fantastic couple very much in love.

I look forward to being part of their Big Day.

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