Vicky and Dale’s Engagement Shoot

I love pre-wedding shoots! For me, it’s the best way to really get to know my clients a bit more before their big day. It’s fun, and we always have a good laugh, making it as relaxed as possible. 

Vicky and Dale were fantastic to shoot in the grounds of Clumber Park Hotel, creating moments that were a pleasure to capture throughout the wonderful spring morning. I have met them both a couple times now but this is the first time I have got them in front of the camera.

The thing I love most about Vicky and Dale is how much they clearly love each other. Moving them around in front of the camera was made so easy as they were so comfortable together and gave constant reassurance and support to one another.

I enjoyed the constant laughter and joy from this couple and their personalities really came out as we moved through the morning. Vicky and Dale arranged for their children to be dropped off for the second half of the shoot. As we explored the grounds and woods the children created perfect photo opportunities as they played with their parents.

It’s not long now until Vicky and Dales wedding and I cannot wait to get stuck in! It’s been a pleasure to share the shoot with the both of them.  

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