RENT - Rehearsal Photography

I am excited to be back photographing the fantastic LMYT for their latest production.

The fast paced and exciting rehearsal of RENT over the weekend was great fun and I look forward to capturing this great company when it all comes together on stage.  

Working with the creative team to document the progress that the young performers are making allowed for a different approach to the promotional photography this time. With the smaller cast we were able to head outside and use the steps of the church to create a more ‘natural’ look, allowing me to give the company a more ‘professional and contemporary’ image than I have done with my photography before.  

Shooting the rehearsal process was a challenge as it was very fast moving. With the low lighting conditions I was forced to shoot fairly wide at f2.8 and with my ISO above 1600 to achieve a fast enough shutter speed. Having an Al servo set with quick subject tracking allowed me to keep my main subjects in focus.  

I wish everyone involved in LMYT throughout this performance all the best. Visit Lichfield Musical Youth Theatre on Facebook: lichfieldmusicalyt

See more photos of the rehearsal at my website:

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