Cake Smash! What a Mess!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Given this opportunity to take on a new #challenge, I could not wait to get stuck in with this #photoshoot - The Cake Smash!!!

What Fun!! What Mess!!

Being my first #cakesmash I was really excited, but also a little unsure about my starting point. So I thought, 'Cake + Cute Kids + Permission to make a huge mess' ...... Well the Children had this bit covered so it was just over to me to make sure I knew what I was doing.

Nikki and Dan had spent time and money organising a beautiful #cake and had made great choices on the outfits, so I know it was important that I captured it right the first time. The cake was only going to be complete the once, and the outfits could have even been only fit enough for the bin afterwards ......

With test shots and #exposure settings adjusted, and some careful placement of cake stand, balloons and the bunting we were set to go.

Camera Settings: ISO 400, F.9, 1/125

With the small set up using a portable studio screen, I mounted two #speedlites off camera with 24" #softboxes on both. Manual flash settings were at 1/16 for the key light, which was placed just above camera right, and 1/32 for the second light. I controlled my #ambientlight by setting my #shutterspeed to 1/125. Slowing it from 1/200 gave my #photos a little more of a natural feel.

A steady start....

After settings were finalised and the children were happy ... It was time!!

"Let them eat cake", somebody once said. But battle did not commence as I had come to expect. The two lovely children I had the pleasure of photographing were very careful and considerate towards the gigantic cake, taking their time to tentatively take apart the top layer of icing. I certainly admire Nikki and Dan, who are clearly raising two very patient, lovely children.

One thing I have learned this time around from the shoot is that sometimes things need a little comes mum. Getting involved in the action is the only option we may have to get the result. I don't think Nikki minded getting the hands inside the cake, and showing the kids that it is more than acceptable to put their face straight into the cake!

As the children were allowed to explore they finally found their way. #whatamess, is what I recall constantly repeating as the chaos erupted. Once warmed up, the cake didn't last too long... and poor Dad was left to get the kids whipped off upstairs and dunked straight into the bath.

The end result was cake and crumbs everywhere! Although a massive clean up in the kitchen was now needed, at least one slice of this beautiful cake (and it smelt AMAZING too) had been saved for the children to enjoy later.

Another meaning of the term 'cake topper'

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